Master classes


Master classes are special lectures on a given subject, by an expert,  three hours long.​
The sessions  take place on the same day, at the same time.
Participants are invited to choose one of the following master classes,
(a) or (b), in the contact form below.
There are limited number of admissions in each one, by order of enrollment.


Master Class A

Androids, Replicants and Blade Runners – are we all deep dreaming of electric sheep?

Suggested readings (A)

Imagem1Luís Gustavo Martins
(Universidade Católica Portuguesa)

In an age where technology advances mesmerize us and push humanity into a hypothetical imminent singularity, are we all living inside a shared deep dream, counting on some kind of a “kick” to bring us all back to awaken reality? The question is: who is staying behind, fully awake, and ready to “kick” us back from this fabricated virtual (and augmented) dream, so we do not end up stuck in a moment, on a perpetual artificial Limbo? Is Culture our reality check “totem”, upon which we can rely to “kick” us back to full consciousness, from this (dis)(u)topian brave new world?


Master Class B

Cryptic References. Meaning beyond signification in games

Suggested readings (B)

hans-joachim backeHans-Joachim Backe
(IT University of Copenhagen)

Digital games and board games gain increasing acceptance as culturally significant forms, be it for entertainment, narrative, or activism. The class deals with the particular modes of meaning making inherent in these media, which do not exclusively rely on audio-visual, textual sign systems, but employ rules and mechanics as means of signification, too. After an introductory lecture on representation, referentiality, and games as simulacra, a seminar-style segment will give an opportunity for discussions of concrete examples, abstraction and concreteness of games, own design ideas, etc.